When creating our artworks, we always strive for the highest quality and use natural materials (e.g. stone or bronze) only. Examples of our work can be seen below. Every piece is a handiwork. Since our options regarding size, material and quantity are almost limitless, we can satisfy every need of our customers. All products are custom-made. In the gallery below, you can see a demonstration of products that we classify as a „stone desing“. We are able to meet any requirements our customers make. As custom-tailored products, we offer various stone decorations for both interiors and exteriors. These products are only made using the highest-quality materials (marble, granite and sandstone) from a variety of countries around the world.

The Tesora group s.r.o. firm was established in 2012. Despite its short existence, it has a long tradition reaching more than 60 years back. One of the founders, Pavel Moravec, represents the third generation of an artistic family.

Rudolf Moravec

Rudolf Moravec was born on 21st August 1924 in Horní Jelení. After school, he began working as a textile designer in a state company. He focused on women's evening gowns and patterns for african-style scarfs and ties, regularly attending exhibitions in Liberec. Most of his designs were meant for export to countries such as Ivory Coast, Marocco or Algiers. His work became the central part of the textile exhibit of the World's Fair (EXPO) in Montreal in 1967. He also led a textile design school. Rudolf Moravec died on 6th April 1991.

Michal Moravec

Michal Moravec was born on 22th February 1951 in Rýmařov. Following his father's example of diligence he made his first steps toward sculpture in his childhood. His love for art developed even more during his studies on the secondary school of sculpture in the years 1966 to 1969. Then he continued on the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of the monumental and figural sculpture, where he also passed the state exam in 1975. Starting 1st December 1976, he works as a professor teaching the expertise in fields of moulding, figural drawing, technology and materials on the secondary school of sculpture in Hořice. His work can be found in many collections across the whole world (Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Seoul, Würzburg, New York, Moscow, Toronto). He also has had more than twenty independent exhibitions in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. He is the artistic chief of the Tesora group s.r.o.

Pavel Moravec

Pavel Moravec was born on 6th July 1986 in Hořice. He literally grew up in his father's studio and from the very beginning he always strived to follow his father's path. In the year 2002 he started his studies on the secondary school of sculpture in Hořice, passing the final exams in 2006 (similarly to the co-founder Jan Pecháček). Both founders of the Tesora group s.r.o. want to continue the tradition of a family business.


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